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Imajine Unlimited provides corporate and individual coaching—helping you create perspective and maximize your potential.

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Defining Purpose

Your knowledge and skills, talents and attitudes--all combine to form your individual strengths.

When we help you take inventory of your strengths, you can begin setting goals. These goals, in turn, help you gain improved results, success and fulfillment in your work and personal life.

How We Help

Attitudes + Talents + Knowledge & Skills = Results

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How to Build Trust: The Paradoxes of Effective Teams

“Rowing is perhaps the toughest of sports.  Once the race starts, there are no time-outs, no substitutions.  It calls upon the limits of human endurance.  The coach must therefore impart the secrets of the special kind of endurance that comes from mind, heart, and body.”  – George Yeoman Pocock Do you have a dream, a…

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A Leadership Gift: Waiting

“Much more important than the goal is the presence of God: walking with us on the way and helping us to realize that waiting can be as important as achieving … God summons us to go out but does not always tell us where to, or why … for that we must wait, but in…

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Innovative Leadership: Leaderful Ecosystems – Part II

“In order for movements to succeed, we have to de-center, grow, and redistribute leadership. We need to see our organizations and ourselves in a different way.” – Vincent Pan In a previous article we discussed the power of leaderful ecosystems.  This is the focus of seeing the larger system and engaging with it so that…

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